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        Monday, July 15, 2024
It used to be the four of us, until a two-month-old little white poodle with big round black eyes came into our lives. We all decided that since he looked like a little round snowball, that should be his name. We took care of him as if he was our own baby. When his hair started to grow like a bush we needed someone to groom him, so the family decided that since we loved him so much I should attend a dog grooming school.

After a couple of months, I became very confortable working with other peoples dogs. After graduating dog grooming school. I started to work in a grooming salon were I got the opportunity to share my love with other dogs besides Snowball. That is why we decided to call the business Snowball's Pets Grooming Salon.

943 - Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10025 TEL:212 666-4606